I’m still incredibly new to the radio industry, but I’m proud to say that Central Illinois has been my home for the past 25 years. I came into the world via Terre Haute, Indiana (Home of The Indiana State Sycamores and Square Donuts) but soon after my family relocated to just outside Bloomington Normal, maybe you’ve heard of Hopedale? After helping to meet the yearly nerd quota at Olympia High School I attended Illinois Wesleyan University with the intention of becoming a lawyer, but after shadowing a few I knew I was meant for something else. Who knew that the nights of solitude I spent at the college radio station would do anything for me except feed my insomnia? Anyway, after college I went to work in finance, seemed like a fairly lucrative industry in need of ethical people, so I spent a handful of years helping people make ends meet after the nightmare of the 2007 financial fall, but after some time, it began to affect my outlook on life in a way that I just didn’t like.

One day, I was rolling down the road, actually listening to The All New Magic 99.5, when a hiring ad came on for the radio station itself. I’d heard the ad before but for whatever reason, the message got through this time. Fast forward. I’ve been on the job 6 months, my creative work is solid and I get bumped up to Promotions Director. Fast forward another 6 months. I have my first ever time slot as a radio personality.

I don’t say this as braggadocio. If there is a message in this insignificant biographical blurb, it’s that you just won’t believe how quickly your life can change. If you don’t like the view, keep moving until you see something that piques your interest, then chase it.

On a lighter note, I like fishing and scary movies. I love history, I play guitar, I can steal the show at a karaoke bar when given the chance, and I write when I get the urge (or when I’m under a deadline). Thanks for reading and listening!

Jonny Bee

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